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Time for a Change!

We're still making some changes at the Ukulele Group, and so we've decided on a new time.

There will be no set beginners session, instead playing beginners level music for the first 20 minutes of rehearsal, which will start from 6pm, lasting until 8. These changes are to allow people time to get home from work or eat before coming to rehearsal, and because we currently have more of the main group attend the beginners than we do beginners!

It will also ensure that people can utilise the free parking on Kibes Lane, or will have to pay a minimal amount.

This has also meant that subs will be dropping - beginners will still pay £1 per session on a pay-as-you-go basis, and main group will pay the equivalent of £2 per session, paid quarterly.

These changes will come into effect on our rehearsal Thursday 22nd March. Don't forget we're now at the Saracen's Head Cellar Bar now too! See you soon!

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