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Lloyd is one of the founding members of the group, and likes to think he's in charge. He has somehow managed to accumulate 42 ukuleles, and should not be left alone in a music shop.


Look at this fine specimen. He charges 50 guineas for a formal portrait, so this picture will have to do.


Anne is one of our singers, and plays the concert ukulele. She frequently sings higher than the normal range of human hearing.


Sweet Caroline, ba ba ba!


Some say he knows 2 facts about pigs, and both of them are incorrect, and that he has the strength of 7 ants. All we know is, he plays a 6-string ukulele.


Ian plays the concert ukulele and has been attending for some time now. We just don't know how get rid of him. Answers on a postcard please.

John C

John is a very dedicated member of the group, having never missed a trip to the bar.

John F

John is a concert ukulele player, and can often be found at the bar. Your round, John!


Julia is also one of our main singers, and completes the "Terrible Trio" that consists of Anne, Mags and Julia.


Malcolm is another founding member of the group, and plays the ukulele. He occasionally plays the right chords too, but you'd have to see it to believe it.


Mags is another one of our singers, and a long-standing member of our group. We're still waiting for her to sit down so we can start a rehearsal...


Mo is the captain of a pirate ship, seen here moments before sinking as she was too busy playing to steer. But She Played Her Ukulele As The Ship Went Down...!


Robin is one of the original members of the ukulele group, and has been attending regularly since it started up. He keeps Malcolm under control.


Having never picked up an instrument, Val joined our beginners. She is proof that practice makes perfect as she is now a fully fledged member!


Wes is the music master. He knows the setlist and number of every song. As long as he has his iPad in front of him.


Carol is also a founding member of the ukulele group, and is one of the "Bothersome Baritones."


Liz plays the Baritone ukulele, bless her, so we'll go easy on her. 


Fred, yet another baritone player, causes twice as much trouble as the others - he is also left handed! There's always one!


Barry sadly passed away in August 2020 after being with the group for several years. A great friend and very talented bass player. If you wish to donate to Sickle Cell Society in his memory, please click here.

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